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Bruno Buti

Bruno O. Buti, (pronounced "booty") born to immigrant Italian parents May 23, 1922, in San Bruno, California, the youngest of three children. Nursed to an age he can still remember, then weaned on wine for lack of a cow, he was raised in an era when milk pails runneth over with fresh made alcohol. Its purpose, both good and bad, he learned at an early age. Growing up underfoot of tough bootleggers, he spent his childhood experiencing unpleasant run-ins between them and crooked lawmen. The lesson put doubt in his mind: "Which was the lesser of the two evils?" Haunted by memories of the involvement that his father, relatives and colleagues had in bucking prohibition, their ups and downs in the struggle to make it in a society hostile to immigrant minorities, the author finally dares to unload the burden he carried for so long. Therefore his tale, Rumbling Wine Barrels, and its sequel, Jackass Brandy (soon to follow), attempt to bring out the characteristics and qualities of this particular group of, people, by depicting them the way they were during those fabulous Twenties. He wrote his 90,000 word manuscript in long hand, on yellow pads, using the hood of his Jeep as a desk in his prune orchard in Cloverdale, California. Once his book was completed, the reality of publishing a book became clear. "Nobody would even look at my manuscript," Buti said. One editor told him "We don't publish novels, we publish authors." Bruno decided to take matters in his own hands and in September, he had 2500 copies printed at his own expense. By December he had them sold, and is now in his third printing. He sells his novel of prohibition in San Francisco, in local wineries.

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