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Brian S. Wilson

Composer/conductor Brian Scott Wilson is a native of Lynn, MA, and a graduate of New England Conservatory (B.M.), the University of Chicago (M.A.) and the University of Arizona (D.M.A.). His teachers include Malcolm Peyton, Edward Diamente, Dan Asia, Ralph Shapey and Shulamit Ran (composition) and Barbara Schubert, Michael Walters, Gregg Hanson and Kurt Klippstater (conducting). He has participated in conducting workshops under Frederick Fennell and Sergiu Commissiona. Wilson is Chair of the Department of Music at Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA, where he also teaches Music Theory and Composition. Finding inspiration in the music of Stravinsky, Mingus and Varese, Wilson's eclectic style is a masterful blend of classic and jazz idioms that feels simultaneously familiar and new. Equally at home in symphonic, chamber, choral, and wind band milieus, Wilson's jazz-inflected harmonies are as evident in the whimsical Modes ofTransportation for Orchestra as they are in the elegiac Orange Was Her Color for Wind Band. His deep spirituality finds expression in ways that are both obvious (Avinu Malkaynu setting for cantor and chamber ensemble) and unexpected (the award-winning Avanti for solo trombone and percussion).

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