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Brett Lear

Brett Lear is the former Director of the Sonoma County Library and has more than 20 yeas of library experience. He holds an MLS from Florida State University and has served in library systems in New York, Colorado, Oregon and Florida. Lear has been very active in the American Library Association (ALA) including serving on committees dealing with providing library services to Spanish-speaking patrons. His former library, the Martin County Library System in Florida, recently received the H.W. Wilson award from the ALA for their staff development training program. He is the author of Adult Programs in the Library, an ALA book.

"I enjoy writing short stories when time permits. I enjoy white-water rafting, running, and the martial arts. I have traveled extensively throughout the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. I love international travel as well. During the past few years I have toured Jordan, Egypt, Thailand, Hong Kong, Morocco, Western Europe, much of Australia, Mexico, Turkey and Greece, Scandinavia, the British Virgin Islands, and Costa Rica. I am a lover of the cinema. And, I'm married to a librarian!"

Lear is also active in karate, in which he recently earned a black belt.

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