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Bill Pronzini

Bill Pronzini is an American writer of detective fiction. He is also an active anthologist, having compiled more than 100 collections, most of which focus on mystery, western, and science fiction short stories. He published his first novel, The Stalker, in 1971. However, his best known works are the Nameless Detective series, which he began in 1971. As of April, 2009, there are more than 35 books in the series, as well as a number of short stories.

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Nameless Detective series
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The crimes of Jordan Wise2006Accountants
Savages2007Nameless Detective (Fictitious character)
Fever2008Nameless Detective (Fictitious character)
The other side of silence2008Private investigators
Schemers2009Nameless Detective (Fictitious character)
Betrayers2010Nameless Detective (Fictitious character)
The hidden2010Serial murders
Camouflage2011Nameless Detective (Fictitious character)
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Title Subject
101 mystery storiesDetective and mystery stories
BetrayersPrivate investigators
BoobytrapPrivate investigators
Bug-eyed monstersAmerican Science fiction
CamouflagePrivate investigators
Chapter and hearseFiction
Cloak and daggerEnglish Spy stories
CrazybonePrivate investigators
Dark lessonsAmerican College stories
Day of the Moon (Pronzini, Bill)
DoublePrivate investigators
DragonfireProtected DAISY
El fuego del dragón
Graveyard plotsDetective and mystery stories
Gun in Cheek
HellboxLarge type books
Lady on the caseWomen detectives
NightcrawlersPrivate investigators
Nothing but the nightHusbands
Police proceduralsAmerican Detective and mystery stories
Prime SuspectsAmerican Detective and mystery stories
ScattershotDetective and mystery stories
SnowboundDetective and mystery stories
Specter!English Fantasy fiction
Tales to Send Chills Down Your Spine
The Arbor House Treasury of Horror ...
The Cowboys
The Lawmen
The Web she weavesEnglish Detective and mystery stories
The crimes of Jordan WiseAccountants
The hiddenCouples
The jade figurine
The other side of silenceMissing persons
The outlaws
TwospotFrank Hastings (Fictitious character)
Uncollected crimesAmerican Detective and mystery stories
Wild westernsWestern stories
Witches' brewWomen authors
Women sleuthsAmerican Detective and mystery stories

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