Anthony Eglin

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Anthony Eglin

Growing up in England, I had a go at most of the time-honored sports: soccer, cricket, tennis, bicycle racing and even ice hockey. Starting in my late teens, I played clarinet in a New Orleans style jazz band, performing in clubs while working full-time in an art studio and later an ad agency. After a few years living in British Columbia, I headed south to the States to further my career in advertising. In the ensuing years, in San Francisco, I became a partner in three award-winning agencies. Somewhere along the way I started to develop a curious obsession with gardening. Contrary to common belief, all English natives are not born with Felco pruning shears in their cradles. Finally I quit the advertising biz to start the Larkspur Company, that went on to produce a series of award-winning garden videos. My former pint-sized garden was awarded Garden Design magazine's Golden Trowel Award. I now garden in Sonoma where I live with my wife Suzie, and formerly feral cat, Will.

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Alcatraz Rose
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