Anthony C. Adler

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Anthony C. Adler

Anthony C. Adler is an international private investigator and writer of historical fiction who spends his time between his homes in Northern California and the South of France where he does his writing on a secluded Mediterranean island. Adler is a linguist as well as a martial artist. His interest in humor and ancient history together with his iconoclastic bent allow him free reign in the lands of fantasy and imagination. Born in New York, he was sent to be educated at an English boarding school then spent his teen years on the island of Malta, from where he roamed freely around Europe and the North African coast. His other writings are Its Intelligent Desire Stupid, treating Christianity in the same way that Salman Rushdie treated Islam, and William and the Posthuman V.C., in which Adler has taken Richmal Crompton's Just William and grown him to adulthood to continue his adventures as a soldier serving in the desert in WWII.

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