Anne Elizabeth Nixon

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Anne Elizabeth Nixon

I have always felt the need to write, it seems. From grade school days I began with stories in a spiral notebook that I hid away in an attic. In college I loved days when the entire hour was given to extemporaneous writing; to this day I remember the big football player, crammed into a too-small desk, groaning at the thought of that assignment. Then for years I was too busy to spin tales. But upon retirement I have written off and on for the Chinook Observer newspaper in Long Beach, Washington. Some were how-to articles. Others originated from my diaries of three overseas trips with my husband when we slung backpacks over our shoulders and set out to see Europe. During that time I took over continuing the family history when a cousin became ill. I worked on it for ten years, gathering info and researching genealogy; then I self-published what had grown into a 300 page book for all our large family. One day a friend phoned to see if I might be allowed to cover the week-long docking of the USS Missouri when it came to Astoria, Oregon, to be "de-barnacled" in the fresh water of the Columbia River. The editor of the Chinook Observer said yes, and my naval officer friend became technical advisor and photographer for my front page articles-like a real reporter! That was an exciting experience to be on the historic old ship before it was tugged to Hawaii for its final resting place. Since then I've written non-fiction books for Kindle, short reads they're called. Since I had polio when I was 20 years old, I wrote about the problems we have in later years and how to diminish the effects. Then, from my diary and photos of a trip to Egypt with my son, I turned them into a book. Living with two cats that I photographed, gave me the idea for a children's book for my third Kindle. And I adapted my newspaper articles about the warship into a short read. My last book was a very hard one to write, and I put it off for several years-that of my husband's Alzheimer's disease. His was slow to progress, so I have quite a few years of experience, and have told of those times as well as what you can expect, and ways to get the help you need. My husband, Don, was a writer before his disease took over, and I've put one of his on Kindle, too. It's very exciting fiction and called, "Rescue! World War II Trilogy." My books, all on Kindle and three also paperbacks, are called: "Skooter and Bandit: Happy Kitties," "Vacation to Egypt," "Polio:Post Polio Syndrome," "Mighty Mo, Battleship of World War II," and "Alzheimer's and Dementia: Paths to Take." I'm working on a book of short stories and also of the possible life of a little girl who, at about 3 years old, was in the room as her father killed her mother-a true happening with my suppositions. Life for me has been one of many changes, and I've always found it an interesting way to live. While I sorely miss my husband, I'm thankful to have found such a good memory care home for him. I feel fortunate to have been born with a positive attitude, and in my books I try to encourage others to look forward, not back, experiencing each day with happiness.

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