Anna Corba

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Anna Corba

Anna Corba's journey in collage began when her flea market collections refused to lay tame on her studio shelves. With a degree in Art History and further studies in fine art from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, Anna's paintings began to incorporate paper ephemera and found objects gathered throughout the years.

Wanting to make use of her gathered finds more often, Anna developed her own product line, a collection of artful objects handmade in her studio and showcased at specialty boutiques across the country, as well as larger emporiums including Anthropologie and Rachell Ashwell Shabby Chic.

Anna's studio is nestled among the vineyards and rolling hills north of San Francisco. The past few years have found her working on book projects, traveling to France and developing a group of workshops designed to share her love of collage using vintage elements.

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