Amanda (A.B.) Kreglow

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Amanda (A.B.) Kreglow

Amanda Kreglow is a choreographer, producer, director, photographer and writer. She began working in film and video production in New York City in 1985. Amanda has been a free-lance photographer for over two decades with photos appearing in Modern Dance, Dance Magazine, New York Times, Press Democrat and the Kenwood Press. Ms. Kreglow was choreographer for Washington Square Repertory Dance Company (New York University) and Theatre In A Trunk Productions (theatre for children). In New York City, she danced with Fred Mathews and Gary Masters, and produced, choreographed and danced in "Amanda Kreglow Presents An Evening of Dance" funded by a grant from the Deerfield Foundation. For the last six years she has produced, directed and choreographed Dance By... concerts and now the SoCo Dance Theater, performed at the Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm, Santa Rosa, CA and Spreckels Performing Arts Center, Rohnert Park, CA. She was a founding member of the Steering Committee for danceSonoma, under the auspices of the Arts Council of Sonoma County.

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