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(see the Sonoma Heritage Collections for more)

The Sonoma County Library is dedicated to the community we serve. The Community project is focused specifically on raising the profiles of writers with connections to Sonoma County -- broadly defined as residing in in Sonoma County -- and making their works more visible and accessible to readers.

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FAQs for writers

  • I'm a Sonoma County writer, how do I join the Community project?

    To be identified as a writer on this site you must either have a print book available -- ideally through the Sonoma County Library -- and/or provide us with an ebook.

  • How do I become a featured writer?

    For now at least, to be a featured writer (and eligible to appear on the homepage) we must have both a description and picture available for the profile.

  • I have an ebook I'd like to make available, how do I do it?

    Contact us using this form. We prefer direct submissions in the file formats we make available (html, epub, mobi - ideally you would supply all three). If you submit plain text or html documents only then we will attempt to generate the other formats. There is no guarantee over the quality of the conversion in this case, however you will be able to preview the files before they are made available. If you provide us with html and it is not available online then we will host the file (otherwise we will link to it).

  • If I make an ebook available must it be exclusive to this site?

    Absolutely not! You're completely free to do as you like with your work, including withdrawal from this project at any time. Furthermore, in terms of non-exclusivity, your work may be made available as part of any vendor ebook platform that Sonoma County Library participates in in the future.

  • If I make an ebook available will it be discoverable in the library catalog?

    Yes, if there is not already a record for the work then it will be cataloged in Worldcat and searchable in the library catalog.

  • Are there any limitations on the type or content of material?

    Submitted works must be within the scope of the Sonoma County Library collection policy. Sonoma County Library reserves the right to deny or remove works that do not comply with the Library's collection policy.

  • What DRM or restrictions do you apply to works you make available for download?

    There are absolutely no restrictions or DRM applied to content on this site. If you choose to make a work available through us then anyone, anywhere, can download it without limitation. This does not in any way affect your copyright standing or right to be recognized as the intellectual property holder.

  • Can I find out how many times a title of mine has been viewed or downloaded?

    This feature can be implemented if there is demand for it in the future.

  • Can I charge for any ebooks I make available here?

    No, all works made available through the Community project must be free - just like the Library itself. We can however provide links to places to purchase titles. Contact us about what you have in mind.

  • What if I want to withdraw a work I made available?

    That's absolutely fine. Simply contact us to have your work removed from the Community project.

  • There is a problem with my profile, can you fix it?

    If the mistake is ours then we will look to make corrections as quickly as possible. If the error is related to an external service then refer to that service's site for corrections. In particular, for OpenLibrary see: Tips for Reconciling Author Records.

FAQs for readers

  • I want to read an ebook from this site, which formats do you offer?

    We hope to have available html, epub and mobi versions for all works - this is not guaranteed however.

  • How do I read these ebooks?

    The html version of a work (if available) is readable in any web browser. The epub format is compatible with many devices such as the Barnes and Noble Nook family of e-readers and tablets. The mobi format is Kindle compatible and can be read on those devices (including the Kindle Fire).

  • How do I transfer books to my device?

    The books in epub or mobi format can downloaded to a computer and transferred using a usb cable to most devices (supposing the format is supported). A neater way to manage downloaded ebook collections is to use the open source Calibre program. This program includes the functionality to transfer books to and from a device.

  • Something isn't working right, can you help me?

    For readers we do not provide any technical support outside of, or in addition to, what you can find on this website.