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The Sonoma County Library Community project has two aims. Firstly, it is a platform to publicize authors with connections to Sonoma County and to make their works more visible online and in the catalog. Secondly, there has been growing interest from local authors in having the library host their e-books and to make them broadly available to the library community. Read more ...


On a practical level we hope to provide:

  • Accurate author profiles with links to the library catalog, personal websites and external services.
  • A growing collection of ebooks created by local authors and distributed by the Library, freely available for anyone to download without DRM.
Sonoma County Literary Update

The Literary Update is a compilation of announcements sent in by members of the Sonoma County literary community regarding workshops, readings, ongoing literary and writing groups, calls for submissions, and contests. The Sonoma County Literary Update is co-edited by Jo-Anne Rosen and Terry Ehret.